Are Spidi gloves good?

Are Spidi gloves good?

The Spidi STS-R gloves are really comfortable, well constructed, technically superior gloves that are just a retention strap away from being a nice lightweight racing glove.

Is Spidi a good brand?

Perfect if you’re looking for a durable motorcycle jacket and with a quality-price ratio. The motorcycle gear brand Spidi is known, among other things, for having very versatile motorcycle jackets. And also, the two have a very good quality-price ratio and you can only find them at Motocard.

Are Spidi leathers good?

They’re extremely comfortable now and fit snugly; the only place there is a little bagginess is at the bum but it’s not excessive, and they still look great. The only real way to really beat this would be to go for more expensive made-to-measure kit.

Where are Spidi gloves made?

Part of the success of the SPIDI brand it’s due to having been able to combine the typical “craft made in Italy” know-how with the needs of the modern rider.

Where is Spidi based?

One lucky Spidi fan (and a friend or partner) will win a trip to visit the Global Headquarters of Spidi, based in Vicenza on the weekend of 17th – 19th November 2017, where a full factory tour will be given by the Technical Spidi team.

Where is Spidi from?


Trade name Spidi
Type Private
Industry Motorcycle Apparel Accessories Manufacturing
Founder Renato Dalla Grana
Headquarters Vicenza , Italy

Where are ixon leathers made?

In 2014, the group is strengthen with the construction of its own factory in Cambodia, dedicated to Ixon production, and takes another major step in the control of its manufacturing process.

Is Spidi a good motorcycle brand?

SPIDI MOTORCYCLE GEAR From the track to the trail, Spidi is world-renowned for providing top level riding gear for any segment. The Italian brand has been a staple in the motorcycle apparel industry since 1977 and has consistently provided products at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Is Spidi made in China?

SPIDI is an Italian manufacturer of protective and race clothing for motorcycle riders. Spidi Sport slr owns Spidi Incorporated, a United States-based subsidiary. The company is headquartered in Sarego, Italy and has a subsidiary office in California.

Is ixon a good brand?

Ixon is one of the manufacturers of motorbike jackets and gloves that provide excellent weather protection for riders. They have been creating innovative products since 1996 which has been proven to be one of the best.

Where is ixon based?

Hello! We are IXON. We are a team of visionary food scientists, engineers and packaging specialists based in Hong Kong.

Where are ixon made?

100% of our made to measure suits are Made in France. For us, making the best product is not the end. From our own factory in Cambodia, until the procurement, we fully control our cost, our lead-times and our production capacity.