Can you double distill?

Can you double distill?

Double distillation of you neutral spirit is the most important method you can use to improve the quality and quantity of your finished alcohol. To save time you can strip the alcohol from two or three ferments and then do a single spirit run. …

Should you double distill moonshine?

If the mash contains less than about 10 «V alcohol, you have to distill twice (double distillation). If the alcohol content is higher than that, a simple distillation is completely sufficient. Also if your mash is free of heads, you should separate about 30 drops per 1,5 liters (1.5 US quarts) of mash.

What is twice distilled?

: being without any qualification or reservation : absolute, thoroughgoing a double-distilled fool.

What happens if you double distill alcohol?

In double distillation, as the liquid in the still (the wash, which is comprised of water, about 8% alcohol and congeners) boils, the alcohol and flavourful congeners will separate from the water, vaporise and travel up the still into the condenser where they are collected before being distilled once more in the spirit …

Do you add water to double distill?

If you are wanting to double distil the spirit you have collected from your Air Still, we recommend topping up to the 4 L (1.1 US Gal) max line with water. Put the 700 ml (23.7 US fl oz) of alcohol you’ve collected from the first run, back into the boiler and top up to the 4 L (1.1 US Gal) max line with water.

What happens when you double distill?

Can you run moonshine mash twice?

In order to reuse your mash this is how it works. You will use your old corn and yeast already present from the previous run, which should also still contain a good lot of beer still left behind. Now you can run the mash again.

Should you double distill whiskey?

This is especially true of dark liquors, which are then subsequently aged for 10+ years, adding more compounds into the mix. The second round of distillation will get rid of harmful impurities. This is one of the reasons why Scotch whisky must be at least double distilled, by law.

What do you do with the mash after distilling?

  1. 4 Responsible Ways Distillers Use Spent Grains. Waste is not the first thing that comes to mind when daydreaming about being a distiller, but it’s a reality you do need to consider before launching a distillery.
  2. Livestock Feed. One of the most popular uses for spent grains is livestock feed.
  3. Composting.
  4. Baking.
  5. Fuel.

How do you triple distill whiskey?

Any grain, from malted barley to rye to mixed mashbills (like those used for bourbon), can be triple-distilled. And, of course, by combining two or more styles together, such as single malt and grain whiskey, a triple-distilled blend can be produced.

What temperature do I mash moonshine?

Procedure: Heat 5 gallons of mash water up to 165F. Turn off heat when target temperature is reached and stir in the 8.5 pounds of corn. Stir the mash continuously for about 5 minutes then stir for a few seconds every five minutes until the temperature drops to 152F.