Can you swim at Tennessee Valley Beach?

Can you swim at Tennessee Valley Beach?

Swimming is not recommended at Tennessee Beach due to unpredictable riptides, sneaker waves, and heavy surf, particularly at either end of the beach. Tennessee Valley is a natural coastal drainage that supports diverse plant and wildlife communities.

How many miles is Tennessee Valley hike?

3.4 mile

Where is Tennessee Cove?

Marin County

Where does the Dipsea Trail start?

The beginning of the Dipsea trail is out, from the muir woods side. Need to hike half a mile south from the parking lot to the Deer Park fire road to start the trail.

Are bikes allowed on Tennessee Valley Trail?

Much of the partially paved trail is wheelchair-accessible. The trail also offers a leisurely bicycle ride, with bike racks provided halfway down the valley and at the cove.

Is Tennessee Valley Marin closed?

Trail Etiquette The Tennessee Valley Trail is closed to dogs. Please remain on the established trails. Off-trail travel harms plants and causes erosion.

How many steps is the Dipsea Trail?

680 steps

How long does the Dipsea Trail take?

3.5 hours to 4.0 hours

How much does it cost to get into Muir Woods?

How much does it cost? The entrance fee is $15.00 for people 16 years and older. A parking reservation is $8.50 per vehicle OR a spot on the shuttle is $3.25 per person.

Why is Muir Woods so expensive?

The Muir Woods fee increases will go into place because of its new parking system, officials said. Larry Minikes, longtime Marin hiker and conservationist, said no one is happy about a fee increase, but it’s up to people to decide whether to go to Muir Woods at a higher cost.

Can I visit Muir Woods?

Muir Woods National Monument is open 365 days a year. Reservations for parking or seats on the shuttle are required. Book your trip at or call 1-800-410-2419. Explore your many options for a fun, safe, and memorable hike.

How long does it take to walk Muir Woods?

Ready to Plan Your Hike?

Hike Round-Trip Distance Time/ Difficulty Level
Muir Woods to Muir Beach and back 6 mi/ 9.7 km Elevation Gain: 150 ft/ 46 m +/- 4 hours
Stinson Beach via Dipsea Trail and back 10 mi/ 16.1 km Elevation Gain: 1240 ft/ 378 m +/- 7 hours

Is Muir Woods open for visitors?

Muir Woods National Monument is OPEN to visitors. Due to COVID 19 guidelines and restrictions, the park has limited visiting hours. NPS Know Before You Go info.

Can you park outside of Muir Woods?

Parking is not a problem if you book a time slot online BEFORE you plan your visit. You cannot access any of the parking lots or even park along the road without a permit. The permit is easy to get and costs $8. But you often cannot get a permit during the busy season if you wait until the day before you go.

Is Muir Woods a hike?

Muir Woods Hikes. Hiking is the main thing to do in Muir Woods. The monument isn’t large and contains just six miles of trails. Some longer trails continue beyond the monument into Mount Tamalpais State Park for hikers wanting to cover more ground and take in some of the beautiful views from the surrounding hillsides.