Can you wear jeans to dinner on Royal Caribbean?

Can you wear jeans to dinner on Royal Caribbean?

For casual nights, Royal suggests “jeans, polos, sundresses and blouses” but asks guests to “keep swimwear to the Pool Deck.” Shorts and tanks will be accepted for breakfast and lunch, but not in the main dining room at dinner. …

What can you drink for free on Royal Caribbean?

The free drinks on your Royal Caribbean cruise include:

  • tap water.
  • milk.
  • tea.
  • coffee (regular and decaf)
  • lemonade.
  • iced tea.
  • flavored waters.
  • juices (at breakfast and not fresh squeezed)

Can just one person buy drink package on Royal Caribbean?

You may purchase a beverage package up to 72 hours before you sail, online at Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner. As this is a personal package, only one beverage per guest will be served. No, packages can be purchased by individual guests. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people.

Do Royal Caribbean drink packages go on sale?

Online. Generally speaking, Royal Caribbean has been offering regular discounts on its drink packages for guests that opted to pre-purchase a package via the Cruise Planner site. The intriguing aspect to that discount is the daily price for a drink package seems to vary from ship to ship, and sailing to sailing.

How can I get cheaper drink packages on Royal Caribbean?

The best way to get a drink package discount is to pre-purchase your Royal Caribbean drink package before the cruise begins, via the cruise line’s Cruise Planner site. The Deluxe Package (unlimited alcohol package) is always cheaper online than it will be onboard your ship.

How can I save money on my Royal Caribbean drink package?

10 Ways to Save Money on Your 2019 Royal Caribbean Vacation

  1. Use a travel agent.
  2. Skip the souvenir glass.
  3. Put your phone into airplane mode.
  4. Book spa treatments on port days.
  5. Book shore excursions on your own.
  6. Use credit cards before your cruise.
  7. Look for drink specials onboard.
  8. Do most of your drinking on shore.

What is a good price for Royal Caribbean drink package?

If purchased prior to your cruise on the Cruise Planner site, the Deluxe Beverage package often costs between $48 – $65 per guest, per night (excluding gratuity). The price will be higher if purchased onboard, usually between $63 – $70.00 per guest, per night.

Is Royal Caribbean beverage package worth it?

If you can answer yes, then the Royal Caribbean drink package is probably worth it for you. If only one of you can hit this number, then you should probably consider pay a la carte for drinks. Overall, we do like the convenience of the Royal Caribbean drink package.

Is the drink package worth it on a cruise?

A Cruise Drink Package Is a Good Deal If… Sure, it can be painful when you pay a few hundred dollars for drinks before your cruise even starts. But once you’ve gone ahead and paid, you have the luxury of being able to order drinks at most bars and restaurants without having to worry about your final bill.

Is Royal Caribbean key worth it?

Bottom line. In short, purchasing The Key package comes down to your budget and desire for some exclusive benefits. The Key package is a great way to feel like a VIP on your next Royal Caribbean cruise without busting the budget. Sure, it’s not a must-purchase program but it is a fantastic option to have.

Do Royal Caribbean Cruise points expire?

Any MyCruise® Reward redemption without a booking number, ship and sail date selected will expire 6 months after the points are redeemed. The onboard credit will be posted to your onboard account within 48 hours of your verified ship sailing.

What credit score is needed for a Royal Caribbean credit card?


How many points do you need for a cruise?

How many Cruise Points will I earn?

Standard Cruise Points Double Cruise Points
Cruise 1 point per night 1 additional point per night
Suite 2 point per night 2 additional point per night
Single Cruiser & Suite 3 point per night 3 additional point per night

How does Royal Caribbean credit card work?

Royal Caribbean Visa Signature® Card | Cruise Rewards | Royal Caribbean Cruises. There is no annual fee – plus enjoy zero foreign transaction fees† on your adventures abroad. Earn 10,000 bonus points after your first qualifying transaction within 90 days of account opening. That’s worth $100 in onboard credit.

How do I redeem points on Royal Caribbean credit card?

If you are booking directly through Royal Caribbean, you must redeem your MyCruise Reward prior to making your final payment for the cruise vacation. MyCruise Rewards may be redeemed by logging into your account at 10.

How many points do you get per cruise with Royal Caribbean?

You can earn one Cruise Point for every cruise night you sail with us, and DOUBLE the points when you purchase a suite. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you’ll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you’ll earn 14 Cruise Points. Further terms and conditions apply.

How do you get double points on Royal Caribbean?

Double points for every cabin category Passengers staying in standard cabins on a Royal Caribbean will earn 2 points per night as part of the promotion instead of 1 point. The earnings for passengers in suites jumps to 4 points per night instead of 2 points.

How do I use my future cruise credit on Royal Caribbean?

How can I redeem my Future Cruise Credit?

  1. Find the sailing that you are interested in.
  2. Select your cabin type and location.
  3. Proceed to the payment page.
  4. Enter your payment and personal information.
  5. Enter your Future Cruise Credit number(s).
  6. Click “submit.”
  7. You will receive an email letting you know if your credit was valid.

Do I have to accept a future cruise credit?

Do I have to accept Future Cruise Credit? You’re under no obligation to accept Future Cruise Credit. When your cruise is cancelled you have the option to receive a full refund back to your original payment method or to choose to rebook your cruise using FCC.

What is a 100% future cruise credit?

Future cruise credit (FCC) is a bit like store credit from a cruise line. Many times, in lieu of a direct cash refund, a cruise line will take the price of a refunded cruise and issue it as a kind of gift certificate to be used toward booking a new sailing.