Does Bruce Wayne like Poison Ivy?

Does Bruce Wayne like Poison Ivy?

Poison Ivy is an enemy and lover of Batman. She is depicted as one of the world’s most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. She creates love potions that ensnare Batman, Superman, and other strong-willed individuals.

Who is Poison Ivy’s boyfriend?

Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy/Significant others
Who is Poison Ivy’s boyfriend? In the 2015 Harley Quinn comics, Ivy was revealed to be in a romantic relationship with Harley. The official DC Twitter also confirmed the pair is romantically involved. This has caused quite a stir among fans looking forward to the Gotham City Sirens film.

Does Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy like each other?

As Harley and Ivy fight over this, it is revealed that Poison Ivy had a romantic crush on Harley. During an interview with the writers of Harley Quinn, it was revealed that both Harley and Ivy are WLW in the series and are in a romantic relationship.

Who has Poison Ivy slept with?

Who has Poison Ivy slept with? Harley Quinn: Harley and Poison Ivy Finally Had Sex and Fans Are Freaking Out. After Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s long-awaited first kiss on DC Universe’s Harley Quinn two weeks ago, Harley started to develop feelings for her best friend, despite Ivy’s engagement to Kite Man.

Does Poison Ivy have a daughter?

Ivy successfully delivered her two sporelings in secret, naming them Rose and Hazel.

Does Poison Ivy date Kite Man?

Kite Man is a secondary character in Harley Quinn. He specializes in kites and for most of the series he is shown to have dated Poison Ivy.

Does Poison Ivy ever date anyone?

In recent years, it’s been made clear that she is also attracted to both men and women. While she was originally a love interest for Batman, she is also a love interest for Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have had a close friendship for years, but it’s been made clear that their bond goes beyond just friends.

Does Poison Ivy date kite man?

Who did Poison Ivy married?

In Injustice 2 #70, which takes place in an alternate universe, Poison Ivy states that she was married to Harley Quinn.