How long do twins stay in NICU if born at 32 weeks?

How long do twins stay in NICU if born at 32 weeks?

Most babies born at 32 weeks of pregnancy have only a few temporary health issues and need to stay in the NICU for only a few days to a few weeks. After birth, your baby may need extra help learning and developing the skills needed for feeding, staying warm, and breathing on their own.

What Week Do twins not need NICU?

They conclude, “In terms of short- and long-term outcomes, uncomplicated twin pregnancies should not be delivered before 37 completed weeks of gestation and that there is a limited benefit of prolonging pregnancy after that.”

Is it safe to deliver twins at 32 weeks?

Your twins may be born a little early. Doctors consider 37 weeks to be full-term for most twin pregnancies. The average length of pregnancy for twins is 36.4 weeks. Babies who are born between 32 weeks and 37 weeks generally do very well.

How long do twins usually stay in the NICU?

“Only about 20 percent of twin babies go to intensive care,” Dr. Brost says. “That goes up to 80 percent with triplets, and even higher for quads.” How long they stay in the hospital varies. For twins, the average stay is nine to 25 days.

Why do twins go to the NICU?

They may not be fully prepared to fight infections, control their body temperature, or put on weight. For these reasons, almost all low-birth weight babies have to spend time in a NICU before going home. Birth defects and neurodevelopmental problems.

Do twins always have to stay in the NICU?

Nearly 60 percent of all twins, and more than 90 percent of triplets, are born prematurely (before 37 weeks). There are babies born at 38 weeks that need NICU time, while others born at 35 weeks don’t stay in the NICU at all. So keep in mind these are just averages.

Do twins need NICU?

If your twins or multiples are born prematurely, they may require hospitalization in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) while their immature systems catch up. It can be a frightening and frustrating experience for parents on many levels.

How long does a preemie stay in the NICU?

Any preemie that’s born earlier than 34 weeks gestation should spend several weeks in the NICU. On average, doctors recommend preemies stay in the NICU until three to four weeks before what their regular due date would have been.