How much is a London 2012 50p worth?

How much is a London 2012 50p worth?

Most of the designs sell to collectors for between £1 and £2. (Values for each coin are show on this page). Some of the lower mintage coins, such as Football, Judo, Triathlon and Wrestling can achieve £8 to £15. For a full set in good condition you should expect to pay £65 to £70 on eBay.

How many London 2012 50p coins are there?

In honour of the 2012 Olympics in London, the Royal Mint launched 29 new 50p coins featuring various sports in the games. The series sparked the interest of collectors, and if you have one of these coins it could be worth hundreds if you sell it on eBay.

What is the rarest Olympic 50p coin?

football 50p coin
The rarest of the coins is the football 50p coin which has a mintage of only 1,125,500 with the wrestling 50p coin coming a close second with 1,129,500 in mintage.

How much is the Olympic archery 50p worth?

to be worth £10, compared to the £2 estimated value of an archery 50p. The triathlon 50p was one of the rarest coins out of the 29, being minted 1.16million times, while the archery 50p was minted 3.345million times….Related Articles.

Sport Mintage Estimated value
Wrestling 1,129,000 £10
Source: ‘Spend It? Save It?’

Are 2012 Olympic 50p coins rare?

According to, the football coin from the 2012 Olympics is the rarest, with just 1,125,000 entering circulation. One of these was sold on eBay for £20. The coin shows a football pitch with a diagram explaining the offside rule.

How many 2011 Olympic coins are there?

29 coins
Released in 2011, the 29 coins celebrate a wide range of sports, and some of the coins were issued in small enough mintages to make them valuable to collectors.

Is the Olympic swimming 50p worth anything?

A RARE Olympic swimming 50p coin has sold on eBay for almost £1,000 – and you could have one in your change at home too. The coin is one from the London 2012 Olympic Games series and it depicts the image of a swimmer. But the reason this particular coin is so valuable is that it is actually an error coin.

Where can I sell my 50p coins?

eBay can provide a good market place for this, but I’ve found it to be over saturated and buyers are wary of buying fakes. If you can find a coin collector near you, they may offer you a realistic price for your coins, depending on how valuable and rare your 50p coins really are.

How much is a 2012 Olympic 50p coin worth?

London 2012 Olympic Sports 50p Coins Value List Most of the designs sell to collectors for between £1 and £2 with some of the lower mintage coins at £5 to £7. For a full set in good condition you should expect to pay £40 to £50 find the coin you’re looking for Coin Hunter › 50p Coins › London 2012 Olympic Sports

What happened to the Royal Mint Olympic 50p album?

The Royal Mint Olympic 50p album is no longer available and cannot be re-produced due to the expiry of the London 2012 product licence. The new Coin Hunter 50p album holds all 29 coins, plus it has space for the completor medallion (if you are lucky enough to have one) and 10 duplicates. The Royal Mint’s current £2 box album

What’s the difference between the 50p and £2 coin albums?

The coin foam in the 50p album has round holes the perfect size for keeping your 50p coins fixed in place, just press any 50p into any of the 40 holes. The £2 album has holes cut to perfectly fit £2 coins. There are no spaces set aside for any particular coin design, which gives you the freedom to organise your collection in any way you like.

How should I store my Olympic 50p coin collection?

Safely store your Olympic Sports 50p collection in one album and keep every other circulation 50p coin design in another – with space for future releases from 2018 and beyond. Store every £2 coin design released into circulation over the last 20 years (1997 to 2017) in a single album, 40 spaces for the 39 coins.