How tall is Jacob and Evie Frye?

How tall is Jacob and Evie Frye?

4 Jacob And Evie Frye Jacob and Evie Frye are the main protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and were both born on November 9, 1847, in Crawley of the United Kingdom. Being active around roughly 1868, they are around 21-years-old. In terms of their height, Jacob and Evie Frye are the same height of 5’6 ft tall.

How tall is Edward Kenway?

5ft 10in
This is evident because Matt Ryan, who was the voice actor and motion capture for Edward Kenway is exactly 5ft 10in. This was also how tall Edward was, at 5ft 10in. Edward’s son and grandson, stood a whopping seven inches above the average height at once again, at exactly 6ft 0in.

How tall is Desmond Miles?

Desmond was modeled after Francisco Randez and voiced by Nolan North. A “missing-person” poster, purportedly made by Desmond’s friends after his disappearance, gave Desmond’s physical characteristics as “Age: 25 – Height: 6′ – Weight: 195 lbs – Brown hair – Brown eyes”.

How old is Desmond Miles?

Desmond Miles
Born 13 March 1987 “The Farm”, Black Hills, South Dakota, United States
Died 21 December 2012 (aged 25) Grand Temple, Turin, New York, United States
Political information
Affiliations Assassins

How tall is Sigurd Assassins Creed?

4 Sigurd Styrbjornson Standing several inches taller than the Viking Assassin, the Viking prince’s height Is never officially listed but believed to be around 5 feet and 8 inches, given the knowledge of Eivor’s assumed stature.

How old is Connor at the end of ac3?

By the end of the game, spoiler Connor would have been 28~29 instead of 26 years old. EDIT: I realised that due to the Braddock expedition’s timing, his birth date really can’t be changed. Perhaps his birthdate could be changed to a few months earlier, if Haytham and Kaniehtí:io had sex some time before the expedition.