Is Minish cap the best Zelda game?

Is Minish cap the best Zelda game?

It’s an excellent but under-appreciated entry into the series. I played it again last year on the Wii U virtual console and it holds up really well. It’s nowhere near as grand, polished, or accomplished as some of the other titles in the series, and it can’t hold a candle to Breath of the Wild or Ocarina of Time.

Is Minish cap a long game?

When focusing on the main objectives, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is about 15½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 26½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Minish Cap easy?

It had an air of simplicity but it was by no means easy. The treasure hunting, kinstone fusing, the bosses, the dungeons, the clones, it was all challenging. Minish Cap is my favorite Zelda game. It had everything I loved about the series in it.

Is Minish cap on Virtual Console?

This classic game is part of the Virtual Console service, which brings you great games created for consoles such as NES™, Super NES™ and Game Boy™ Advance.

Is Minish Cap on switch?

The Minish Cap however, is not on any modern platform. After four years in the Switch’s life, it was not ported as part of a new collection or part of the console’s existing Switch Online retro library.

Can I get Minish Cap on Switch?

What is 3DS Ambassador edition?

The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program, is a program that Nintendo launched for the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program offers ten NES games for early adopters and also offers ten Game Boy Advance games starting December 16, 2011, making twenty games in total.

What was the worst Zelda game?

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes The worst “Zelda” game in the franchise, “The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes,” that’s what. Now just to be clear, “Tri Force Heroes” isn’t a bad game; it just lacks the hallmarks of the best “Zelda” titles.