The history of casinos

History is important because it helps us understand the world we live in and get a handle on why things are as they are. Looking back into history is also key because it can help us learn from past mistakes and connect us to our roots. Of course, sometimes it is just fun to look back and get the backstory on things we like to do now.

A great example of this is casinos. It is fair to say that playing fun games like poker, blackjack and roulette has been something many people have loved to do globally for a while. While this is true, it is also important to note that the casinos we play in have developed over time and the industry around them has gone in new directions.

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 Online play is just the latest addition to the history of casinos and the latest development in the story around them. But what is their full history?

First casino set-up in the 17th century

 Although gambling has been around since ancient times, casinos were only first seen in 17th century Europe. The very first casino was ‘Il Ridotto’ and was opened in Venice during 1638. Taking its cue from private gambling houses of the day, it not only offered popular casino games to players but also music, dancing, and food. Along with rules on how players dressed and behaved, this classy European casino set the standard for all that followed. Although it was a big hit, the church disapproved of Il Ridotto, and it was eventually forced to close.

This was not the end of casinos though! In 1765, France opened its first casino in Paris. As it was done with the approval of Cardinal Mazarin, it ran into none of the troubles that had plagued Il Ridotto. This Parisian casino also introduced roulette to the players for the first time. The success of this casino soon led to a raft of other casinos opening up in Europe. The chance to play fun games and win some money drew the crowds in – just as it does today!

Monte Carlo casino in Monaco opens

 While the 18th century was a period of growth for casinos in Europe, it was the 19th century that saw them really take off. The real landmark event here was the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco opening in July 1865. This casino is still going strong to this day, and it helped to showcase how glamorous casino gaming was to people in Europe. Although changes to gambling laws in many European countries saw many casinos close moving into the 20th century, Monte Carlo Casino was never in any danger.

The torch for casino gaming passed to the USA for a while until European countries softened their stance on it. This was particularly true when the state of Nevada enabled legal casinos to be built in Las Vegas around the turn of the 20th century. The first Vegas casino was the Golden Gate.  Others like El Rancho Vegas soon followed. Before long Las Vegas became the casino capital of the world.  Other US locations like Atlantic City also became known for their casinos.


Online casino play dominates modern times

 Throughout the 20th century casinos became popular in Europe again and continued to flourish in US locations like Las Vegas. In 1994 though, the first wave of online casinos was launched, which enabled people to play classics like slots over the internet from home. The convenience this offered plus the bigger choice of games and bonuses given out by iGaming sites soon caught on. When playing casino games online became possible on mobile devices as well, having fun at these kinds of casinos really took off.

History of casinos – where next?

 From checking out the life of Sir Walter Raleigh to discovering the key battles of WWII, history can be endlessly fascinating. Looking at the history of casinos is also fun and can also give us clues as to where the sector might head next. The rise of online casino gaming and how it has overtaken land-based casino gaming recently suggests that tech will play a huge role. One thing is for sure – it will be fascinating to see where casinos are at in 20- or 30-years’ time.