What are the TCI strategies?

What are the TCI strategies?


  • Return the young person to baseline.
  • Clarify the events.
  • Repair and restore the relationship.
  • Teach new coping skills.
  • Return the young person back into the routine.

What is the TCI model?

Target Controlled Infusion. TCI is the use of pharmacokinetic models (typically combined with microprocessor-controlled infusion pumps) to achieve a target concentration of drug in a particular body compartment.

What is a TCI restraint?

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, or TCI, involves a progression of steps staff members use with a student, up to and including a physica restraint hold such as this. TCI is the method that officials at Leake & Watts say was used when subduing Corey Foster moments before his death.

What is the purpose of TCI training?

Through this approach, children can learn constructive and adaptive ways to deal with frustration, failure, anger, rejection, hurt and depression when they see their carers manage crisis constructively. Through TCI and TCI-F we learn to: Prevent a crisis from occurring. De-escalate a potential crisis.

What are the two goals of TCI?

Our goal is to research, develop, disseminate, and evaluate model techniques to improve the quality of care for children in out-of-home care. In addition, the TCI system is designed to help organiza- tions prevent child retraumatization and injury by reducing the need for physical restraint.

Is TCI trauma informed?

The goal of the The Center for Creating Trauma-Informed Residential Settings (CTIRS) is to share research, strategies, and learning to assist residential settings to provide evidence-based trauma-informed care and to share the RCCP’s Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) system and Children and Residential Experiences …

What is TCI medical term?

The acronym TCI, standing for Target Controlled Infusion, refers to a system by which a drug is given intravenously with a pump controlled by a computer; a TCI system aims to get a target plasma concentration chosen by the user [1].

How many hours is TCI training?

The training delivered by TCI trainers to agency staff is 4-5 days, with a minimum 28 classroom hours. If the training is less than 28 hours, the physical restraints techniques should not be taught.

What are the two goals of TCI crisis intervention?

The first goal of TCI is to reduce the stress and pain of the situation and the second goal is to teach the student constructive coping skills that are used to replace the negative or unwanted behaviors and responses to stressful situations and negative emotions.

What does TCI stand for mental health?

Enclosed you will find information about our Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) system.

How can I get TCI certification?

Eligibility for Professional Certification

  1. Must be certified at the Associate level for a minimum of one year.
  2. Must have completed a minimum of 4 direct TCI training programs at 24 hours each.
  3. Must have successfully completed the TCI Update: Developing Professional Level TCI Training Skills.