What Bass does Muse use?

What Bass does Muse use?

Chris Wolstenholme, bassist for Muse, used Markbass gear on the recording of the band’s latest album, “The 2nd Law”, and has been using a Markbass rig on tour. In the studio, he used a MoMark SD800 into a Standard 104HF cabinet and an SD1200 into a Classic 152 cab.

What kind of bass does Chris Wolstenholme use?

Markbass SD1200 Chris has been using the Markbass bass head since 2015 with which he replaced his Marshall head which he has been using before.

What is a signature bass?

A signature bass guitar is made on behalf of a musician who has a certain custom criteria, mainly because when you are touring you want your equipment to sound the same every night you play and not have anything fail if you can help it. This can make many basses more affordable than normal off the shelf basses.

Does Muse bassist use a pick?

The studio cut was played with a pick, but if you absolutely HAVE to do it with your fingers, slow it down and play it to a metronome, and bring the tempo up SLOWLY, and only after you have it super-clean and tight.

Where are Yamaha bass guitars made?

Yamaha makes excellent quality pianos and its made in Japan guitars very probably show the same level of excellence, but Yamaha’s made in Indonesia bass guitars are a question mark in terms of quality control.

Is hysteria bass hard?

The bass line in Hysteria by Muse is regualarly labeled as one of the most difficult bass lines ever in rock music, and while I get that the speed of it makes it difficult to play, I feel the lack of any complex techniques makes it way easier when compared to so many others.

Is hysteria bass played with a pick?

What kind of bass does Peter Hook play?

Throughout his career, Hook has chosen Yamaha BB basses for their assertive sound and durable construction. At the start of his career, Hook latched onto the Yamaha BB600 as an early favorite and finally landed on the BB1200S, which has stayed with him over the decades.