What does a mass communication specialist do in the Navy?

What does a mass communication specialist do in the Navy?

Mass Communication Specialists tell the Navy’s story to support the commander’s overall communication goals. They define communication problems, ideate solutions, create multimedia products, and evaluate the success of media campaigns.

How many mass communication specialists are in the Navy?

Approximately 1,500 men and women perform duties in the Mass Communication Specialist rating aboard ships and at shore stations. Opportunities for placement are good for highly qualified candidates.

What rank is MC1 in the Navy?

Rear Admiral Terry McCreary presenting a rating insignia of a Mass Communication Specialist First Class (MC1). The pay grades E-4 (Petty Officer Third Class) through E-9 (Master Chief Petty Officer) fall within the rating structure.

How long can a CMC stay in the Navy?

The HYT for a CMDCM/FORCM/FLTCM (3/4-star flag/general officer) has changed from 35 to 36 years. MCPON HYT is unchanged at 38 years. Sailors can expect improved retention incentives and leadership opportunities as the Navy continues to grow.

What do Navy Intelligence Specialists do?

An intelligence specialist collects, analyzes, and organizes data to support military operations. This is a specific job title in the United States Navy and Coast Guard, but other service branches as well as other military organizations have their own versions of this position.

What is Naval Communications?

Naval Communications. The system was designed and developed specifically to provide an efficient ships communications management tool. With a high degree of automation, the ICCS has a modular and flexible architecture, capable of being tailored and configured to meet the communications requirements of any type of warship,…

What is internal communications specialist?

An Internal Communications Specialist is an engaging writer, confident collaborator and strategic synthesizer of messaging opportunities large and small….