What is a good thirst trap caption?

What is a good thirst trap caption?

Best thirst trap captions:

  • Felt cute, won’t delete… ever.
  • To whom it may concern.
  • Relax, ako lang ‘to.
  • Coffee, tea, or me?
  • “I’m sexy and I know it.” – LMFAO, “Sexy And I Know It”
  • Investing in myself.
  • I’m gonna let my booty do all the talking.
  • Blessing your timeline with this pic. You’re welcome.

What does it mean when you say thirst trap?

A refined twist on selfie culture, a thirst trap is often a photo used to entice a response, usually in the form of praise, compliments, or more explicit expressions of ardent desire.

What are some good thirst traps?

Your thirst trap makeup starter pack:

  • Tinted moisturizer – For skin but better finish.
  • Concealer – To hide some blemishes.
  • Cheek tint or cream blush – For a natural-looking flush.
  • Cream or liquid highlighter – Get that glow, girl!
  • Eyebrow pencil + brow gel – To create soft, fluffy brows.

How do you use thirst trap in a sentence?

Meaning of thirst trap in English Posting a thirst trap is a great way to rake in a lot of likes on a photo. Sometimes a thirst trap can be just a really good photo of your face. Changing rooms have incredible lighting for thirst traps.

Is thirst trap a compliment?

Usage of the term. Often, the term thirst trap describes an attractive picture of an individual that they post online. For instance, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has been described as a political thirst trap. It has also been described as a modern form of “fishing for compliments”.

Do guys like thirst traps?

A research done by okcupid has proven that thirst traps for men do work and receive more messages in general. He looks good but he also looks like a douche. Just because it’s a nude or a thirst trap doesn’t mean you have to show it all.

How do you take freaky pictures?

Now, for some tips:

  1. Shoot from an angle.
  2. Your legs are way more powerful than you’d think.
  3. Arch!
  4. Utilize windows and mirrors.
  5. Stand on your tiptoes.
  6. Shoot from below.
  7. Take selfies from under your face to accentuate your jawline.
  8. Natural lighting is always best.

Is thirst trap an insult?

What does thirst trap mean? A thirst trap is a sexy photo posted on social media to attract attention. It can also refer to a person considered sexy—a social-media crush.

What’s a thirst trap on TikTok?

‘Thirst-trap’ posts on TikTok raise questions about military social media policies. For those who aren’t aware, Urban Dictionary defines “thirst trap” as “a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction.