What is CSR according to ISO 26000?

What is CSR according to ISO 26000?

For businesses and organizations committed to operating in a socially responsible way, there’s ISO 26000. It provides guidance to those who recognize that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor.

What are the CSR standards?

Key CSR issues: environmental management, eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement, labour standards and working conditions, employee and community relations, social equity, gender balance, human rights, good governance, and anti-corruption measures.

Is ISO 26000 certifiable?

ISO 26000 is an International Standard related to management and many users expect the standard to be certifiable. The standard is not certifiable as for example ISO 14001 Environmental management system and ISO 9001 Quality management system.

Who should use ISO 26000?

Who should use ISO 26000? Organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, whether large or small, and whether operating in developed or developing countries, use ISO 26000. All of the core subjects of social responsibility are relevant in some way to every organization.

Who will decide CSR activities?

The Board of a company may decide to undertake its CSR activities approved by the CSR Committee, through a registered society or trust or section 8 company with established track record of three years.

What is CSR audit?

In business, a social audit refers to a formal evaluation (or audit) of a company’s procedures and endeavors with regards to corporate social responsibility (CSR)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to strategies that companies put into action as part of corporate governance …

What does ISO 26000 standard focus on?

ISO 26000:2010 is intended to assist organizations in contributing to sustainable development. It is intended to encourage them to go beyond legal compliance, recognizing that compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organization and an essential part of their social responsibility.

Who is exempted CSR?

The CSR projects or programs or activities that benefit only the employees of the company and their families shall not be considered as CSR activities in accordance with section 135 of the Act. One-off events such as marathons/ awards/ charitable contribution/ advertisement/sponsorships of TV programmes etc.

Who is eligible to receive CSR funds?

To give a snapshot, the CSR provisions in the act apply for companies with an annual turnover of 1000 crores INR or more, and with more than 5 crores INR as net profit for a year. The act mandates spending of at least 2% of the average net profit in three consecutive years on CSR activities.