What is Image Dust Off rEF photo?

What is Image Dust Off rEF photo?

‘Image Dust Off’ is a tool which, when activated, can remove dust from RAW (NEF) digital images. Many Nikon DSLRs have a ‘Dust Off ref photo’ setting in the Setup menu, when this is selected camera settings will be automatically adjusted and ‘rEF’ will be displayed in the viewfinder and control panels.

What does dust on camera sensor look like?

Zoom in on the image (rear camera LCD), scroll from left to right and top to bottom all over the image and see if you can find any dark spots. If you cannot see any, your sensor is clean. If you see dark spots like in the above example, then your sensor has dust on it.

How do I know if my camera sensor has dust?

To check for sensor dust, set your camera to Aperture Priority mode, then select a narrow aperture, such as f/16 or f/22. Using a telephoto lens or a zoom lens set to the longest focal length, take a photo against a white wall at the minimum focusing distance from your subject.

How do you remove Nikon dust?

Go to the ‘Setup’ menu in the camera, then select ‘Image Dust Off Ref photo’. From there you simply select ‘Start’ – the camera will instruct you to take a photo of a bright, featureless white object from a distance of about 10 centimetres, with focus on your lens set to infinity.

How do you clean a Nikon sensor?

Remove the lens and turn on the camera. Press the MENU button and select Setup menu > Lock Mirror Up for Cleaning (see user’s manual for more information). Press the shutter release button. The mirror will then be raised to the cleaning position and the shutter curtain will open, revealing the sensor.

How often should I clean my camera sensor?

So how often should you clean your sensor? The quick answer is – whenever you need it. If you take your camera out for a spin every day or once a week and switch lens regularly then you might have to do it once a month. If you are the occasional photographer then perhaps every few months or so.

How much does it cost to clean camera sensor?

A typical professional in-factory or certified-shop cleaning usually runs around $75 (plus an additional $25 or so in shipping costs if you have to send it out). $75-100 will get you enough supplies that you can routinely clean your entire stable of digital cameras for years before restocking.

Can I use alcohol to clean camera sensor?

CLEANING Fluids – are usually composed of mixtures of pure alcohol, usually methanol, but may contain ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. Do not use Isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy, it may contain glycerin which will muck up your sensor.