What is special about the month of December?

What is special about the month of December?

The month of December brings the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the shortest day of the year (the day with the least amount of daylight). In 2020, the solstice is on Monday, December 21. See our Winter Solstice page to learn more about the first day of winter.

Did you know facts about December?

Fun Facts about December

  • It is the first month of winter and the last month of the year.
  • National Cookie Day is December 4th.
  • December often marks the beginning of rain, snow, and cold weather.
  • In the United States the month is associated with Christmas.

What happened December 24th?

This Day in History: December 24 On this day in 1814, the United States and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Ghent in Belgium, ending the War of 1812, marking a decline of American dependence on Europe, and stimulating a sense of U.S. nationalism. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

What famous event happened on December 7th 79 years ago?

‘Date which will live in infamy’: What to remember about Pearl Harbor, 79 years later. “December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously proclaimed. Americans on Monday will honor the 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Who died on 7 December?

Died On December 7th Discover the most famous people who died on December 7. The list includes people like Cicero, Rube Goldberg, Robert Graves, Thomas Nast, Potter Stewart. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, philosophers, diplomats and lawyers and from other domains of life.

What do we celebrate in December?

31 Reasons to Celebrate in December

  • 01 of 31. Dec. 1: National Christmas Lights Day.
  • 02 of 31. Dec. 2: National Mutt Day.
  • 03 of 31. Dec. 3: Let’s Hug Day.
  • 04 of 31. Dec. 4: National Cookie Day.
  • 05 of 31. Dec. 5: Repeal Day.
  • 06 of 31. Dec. 6: National Microwave Oven Day.
  • 07 of 31. Dec. 7: Letter Writing Day.
  • 08 of 31. Dec.

What religions celebrate in December?

To help you out, here is a handy guide to some of the major cultural and religious holidays in December.

  • Christmas. Religion: Christianity. Celebration date: Dec.
  • Hanukkah. Religion: Judaism. Celebration date: Late November to late December.
  • Kwanzaa. Culture: African-American. Celebration date: Dec.
  • Ōmisoka. Culture: Japanese.

What are important dates in December?

Important Days in December 2020

  • 1 December – World AIDS Day.
  • 2 December – National Pollution Control Day.
  • 2 December – International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.
  • 3 December – World Day of the Handicapped.
  • 4 December – Indian Navy Day (First Friday of December)

How long December lasts?

December is the twelfth and final month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is also the last of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

What number is December?


What does December stand for?

December has marked the end of the year and the coming of winter since the ancient Romans established their first calendar. As its etymology indicates, December is formed from the Latin root decem- which means “ten” … but December is our twelfth month.

What does December symbolize?

Symbolically December represents both endings and beginnings. It is a month for gathering with family and friends to reminisce about the completed year and think hopefully about what’s to come.

What is the spiritual meaning of December?

December spiritual Meaning represents unity & Trust, A Divine connection, For the ancient Romans, the month of December signifies the time to honour the Gods. Keeping the earth fertile and abundant. A time to celebrate the goddess or god inside of us all. To hold as sacred our spirit our soul, the gift of life.

What flower symbolizes December?


What color represents December?


What color diamond is December?

December – Blue Zircon Zircons come in many colors, but blue is the most highly prized.

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What is the true birthstone for December?


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Diamonds are one of the most valuable precious stones around, but not because diamonds are especially rare. In fact, high-quality emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all rarer in nature than diamonds.

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What is the rarest diamond?

Quick answer: The rarest diamond color is the red diamond. They are so rare that less than 30 true red diamonds are known to exist. They can cost $1 million per carat and most of the red diamonds in existence are less than ½ a carat in size.

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Treated or enhanced black diamonds are extremely cheap. However, when it comes to GIA certified natural black diamonds, the price can easily be $1,500-$3,000 per carat for diamonds weighing 1.00 – 3.00 carats. Meaning that a 1 carat natural black diamond ring would cost approximately $2,500 – $3,000.