What is special pay package?

What is special pay package?

Special Pay: – Means an addition of the nature of pay consideration of the specially arduous nature of the duties; specific addition to the work or responsibility; or the unhealthiness of the locality in which the work is performed.

What is extra duty allowance?

a) b) Extra Work Allowance will be paid at a uniform rate of 2% (two percent) of the basic pay per month. An employee shall receive this allowance for a maximum period of one year, and there should be minimum gap of one year before the same employee is deployed for similar duties again.

What is orderly allowance in Pakistan?

Orderly Allowance has been allowed to Brig and above on the lines of the civil officers on provision of a certificate that no residence orderly by any nomenclature was provided for the period.

What is the new Department of expenditure?

Calculation of Gratuity and Cash payment in lieu of leave for the employees of CPSEs following CDA pattern pay scales retired during the period from January, 2020 to June, 2021 – reg . MoU Score and Rating for the year 2019-20….View All.

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How is charge allowance calculated?

The revised rate of charge allowance will be 4% for holding full additional charge and that for discharging current duties will be 2% of the minimum of the scale of pay of additional post, with effect from 1/02/2016. The maximum period for which charge allowance is payable will be 3 months.

Who is eligible for dearness allowance?

Only public sector employees are eligible for DA. Both public and private sector employees are eligible for House Rent Allowance. No tax exemptions are available in case of DA.

What is special allowance salary?

Special allowance is a fixed amount that is given to employees over and above the basic salary in order to meet certain requirements. There is a taxable allowance and an exempt allowance.

What is special allowance in salary in Pakistan?

According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, a 15% special allowance was recommended to bridge the gap in the salary structure due to no increase in the salaries of armed forces employees for the last two years. If the cabinet approves the 15% increase, an additional Rs38 billion will be required.