What is the antonym of deputation?

What is the antonym of deputation?

What is the opposite of deputation?

discharge dismissal
dismission expulsion
firing rejection

What is the synonym of deputation?

noun. 1’the prime minister agreed to receive a suffrage deputation’ delegation, delegacy, legation, commission, committee, mission, diplomatic mission. contingent, group, party, body, band, set. delegates, representatives, envoys, emissaries, legates.

What does deputation mean?

Definition of deputation 1 : the act of appointing a deputy. 2 : a group of people appointed to represent others.

Is there a dictionary for antonyms?

antonym – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com.

How do you use deputation?

‘ ‘She proposed that a deputation from the council should meet with the Minister for Education to stress the importance of the need for new schools in the town. ‘ ‘If people wanted something done, they went in a deputation to the minister, escorted by their local member.

What are synonyms for reputation?

synonyms for reputation

  • character.
  • fame.
  • honor.
  • influence.
  • name.
  • notoriety.
  • opinion.
  • position.

What is civil service deputation?

The Deputation Reserve is intended to provide a cushion to the State Government for its temporary and unforeseen demands of cadre officers for manning such ex-cadre posts which are required temporarily for short periods and which do not qualify for inclusion in the IAS cadre.

How do you use deputation in a sentence?

What is the antonym for reputation?

What is the opposite of reputation?

disapproval disbelief
disfavorUS disfavourUK
dislike disregard
disreputableness disrespect
notoriety unimportance