What is the difference between functioning and capability?

What is the difference between functioning and capability?

Capabilities are what a person is able to do or to be; functionings are those capabilities that are realized. Capabilities are a person’s real freedoms or opportunities to achieve functionings. For example, while travelling is a functioning, the real opportunity to travel is the corresponding capability.

What are the various components of Sen’s capability approach?

Initially, Sen argued for five components in assessing capability: The importance of real freedoms in the assessment of a person’s advantage. Individual differences in the ability to transform resources into valuable activities. The multi-variate nature of activities giving rise to happiness.

What are Nussbaum’s capabilities?

Life | Bodily Health | Bodily Integrity | Senses, Imagination and Thought | Emotion | Practical Reason | Affiliation | Other Species | Play | Control Over One’s Environment | So what?

What is meant by equality of Functionings?

Two functions are equal if they have the same domain and codomain and their values are the same for all elements of the domain.

How does Amartya Sen describe poverty?

According to Sen, being poor does not mean living below an imaginary poverty line, such as an income of two dollars a day or less. It means having an income level that does not allow an individual to cover certain basic necessities, taking into account the circumstances and social requirements of the environment.

What is Capability Statement?

A capability statement is a concise, one page document of your business competencies. Think of it as your business’s resume. Its purpose is to provide specific information that will convince potential customers to do business with you. When written well, it will differentiate your business from the competition!

What are digital capabilities?

Digital capability is the term we use to describe the skills and attitudes that individuals and organisations need if they are to thrive in today’s world. At an individual level we define digital capabilities as those which equip someone to live, learn and work in a digital society.