What is the iliac fossa?

What is the iliac fossa?

Anatomical terms of bone. The iliac fossa is a large, smooth, concave surface on the internal surface of the ilium (part of the three fused bones making the hip bone).

What does fossa in anatomy mean?

Definition of fossa (Entry 1 of 2) : an anatomical pit, groove, or depression.

What is iliac region in medical term?

The left and right (inguinal) iliac region: inguinal means pertaining to the groin, and iliac means pertaining to the hip bone. The epigastric area, where epigastric means above the stomach. The hypogastric, or below the stomach, region. The umbilical region, with umbilical referring to the navel.

What is another name for iliac fossa?

Synonym(s): fossa iliaca [TA] .

What is in the right iliac region?

The right iliac region contains the appendix, cecum, and the right iliac fossa. It is also commonly referred to as the right inguinal region. Pain in this area is generally associated with appendicitis.

What is fossa in biology?

Anatomical terminology In anatomy, a fossa (/ˈfɒsə/; plural fossae (/ˈfɒsiː/ or /ˈfɒsaɪ/); from the Latin “fossa”, ditch or trench) is a depression or hollow, usually in a bone, such as the hypophyseal fossa (the depression in the sphenoid bone).

What is fossa used for?

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What is the iliac region to the lumbar region?

Left iliac (inguinal region)-located lateral to the hypogastric region. Right lumbar region– lateral to the umbilical region.

Where is the left iliac fossa?

The left iliac fossa corresponds to the anatomical region of the left colon and the left ovary in women. The descending colon extends from the splenic flexure to the sigmoid colon. It is located deep in the left lumbar fossa and left iliac fossa, continuing vertically at an oblique angle anteriorly.

What are the structures in the right iliac fossa?

The Colon and Rectum The large intestine originates at the cecum in the right iliac fossa and continues in the retroperitoneum as the ascending colon.

What is the right iliac region?

What is iliac area?

The iliac artery delivers oxygenated blood to the organs of the pelvis, an area of the body situated below and behind the abdomen and above the legs. As paired structures, these arteries are present on both the right and left sides of the body.

What is iliac bone cancer?

Iliac Crest Cancer. A large amount of red bone marrow is present in the Iliac Crest. Naturally, a lot of bone marrow conditions such as Osteomyelitis and cancer may affect this bony area. CT scans may help reveal the presence of cancerous growths on this crest.

What organs are found in the iliac region?

The internal iliac artery provides blood to the pelvic organs including the urinary bladder, the man’s prostate gland, and the woman’s uterus and vagina. The external iliac artery provides the main blood supply to the leg.

What is iliac nerve pain?

Iliac Crest Burning Pain. This is a neurological disorder where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (which supplies sensation to the surface skin of the thigh) becomes compressed by the inguinal ligament, due to weight gain, tight clothes, local trauma or disease like diabetes.