What is the opposite of placate?

What is the opposite of placate?

Opposite of to calm or bring peace to. anger. enflame. enrage.

What does Placation mean?

Definitions of placation. noun. the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity. synonyms: conciliation, propitiation.

What does placated mean?

transitive verb. : to soothe or mollify especially by concessions : appease.

What do you call someone who placates?

Frequently Asked Questions About placate Some common synonyms of placate are appease, conciliate, mollify, pacify, and propitiate.

What mollify means?

transitive verb. 1 : to soothe in temper or disposition : appease mollified the staff with a raise. 2 : to reduce the rigidity of : soften Shaving cream mollifies the beard. 3 : to reduce in intensity : assuage, temper Time mollified his anger.

What does assuage mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to lessen the intensity of (something that pains or distresses) : ease unable to assuage their grief. 2 : pacify, quiet …

How do you use assuage?

Assuage sentence example

  1. I did what little I could to assuage my guilt.
  2. He tried to assuage the guilt of wrongdoing by doing right.
  3. He was able to assuage the bad feelings.
  4. He made a mental note to send a piece of jewelry to her hotel room to assuage guilt over the promised phone call that would never happen.

Is assuaging a word?

as•suage. v.t. -suaged, -suag•ing. 1. to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease; mitigate: to assuage one’s grief. 2. to appease; satisfy; allay: to assuage one’s hunger.

What is assuage and example?

Assuage is defined as to make better or lessen. An example of something that a nurse might assuage is someone’s pain with the distribution of medicine. The definition of assuage is to fulfill the needs of. An example of something that you may assuage is your need for sleep.

What part of speech is assuaged?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: assuages, assuaging, assuaged

How do you use assuage in a sentence?

Assuaged sentence example The pain of the former is not assuaged by the pleasure of the latter. He has partially assuaged the sense of insecurity developed by Margaret Thatcher. Fears of the Chrono Trigger followers were assuaged when this title was released.

How do you use the word anomaly?

Anomaly in a Sentence ?

  1. In order to find the anomaly, scientists had to repeat the experiment over a hundred times.
  2. None of the astronauts were able to explain the anomaly they observed in space.
  3. Since my son has a history of failing classes, his good grades are a welcome anomaly.

What does assuage mean in To Kill a Mockingbird?

): to assuage is to lessen or to calm. Therefore, if Jem’s fears. about being able to play football were assuaged, it means that he no longer. feared that he wouldn’t be able to play the sport.

What does it mean to be an anomaly?

1 : something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified : something anomalous They regarded the test results as an anomaly. 2 : deviation from the common rule : irregularity.

What are the 3 anomalies?

These problems arise from relations that are generated directly from user views are called anomalies. There are three types of anomalies: update, deletion, and insertion anomalies.

Is an anomaly good or bad?

Although the word ‘anomaly’ may have negative connotations, it does not necessarily indicate something bad has happened. An anomaly can also mean that something very good has happened – a result better than expected – which has completely skewed the results.

What is an anomaly example?

The definition of an anomaly is a person or thing that has an abnormality or strays from common rules or methods. A person born with two heads is an example of an anomaly.

What is another word for anomaly?

What is another word for anomaly?

abnormality exception
oddity aberration
irregularity rarity
departure deviation
inconsistency eccentricity

Does anomaly mean normal?

Anomaly: Any deviation from normal, out of the ordinary. In medicine, an anomaly is usually something that is abnormal at birth.

What does egregious mean in law?

1) conduct giving rise to enhanced damages is “egregious” conduct, defined to include “willful, wanton, malicious, bad-faith, deliberate, consciously wrongful” or “flagrant” behavior – “garden variety” infringement, however, is not enough to warrant a finding.

Can a person be egregious?

The definition of egregious is extraordinary, but in a negative way. An example of egregious is a person who is a fantastic liar. Outrageously bad; shocking.

How do you use egregious?

Egregious sentence example

  1. Egregious errors were caused by the tablet’s failure to check spelling.
  2. It was the most egregious act the government has ever perpetrated.
  3. The egregious mistake these couples made was not spending enough time seriously planning for a lifetime together in marriage.