What is this French landmark called?

What is this French landmark called?

1. Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Eiffel Tower (in French: la tour d’Eiffel) is one of the landmarks most people can easily link to France. The metal construction stands in the city centre of Paris and was built in 1889 as a centerpiece for the World’s Fair.

What is the most recognized landmark in France?

the Eiffel Tower

What are six famous French landmarks?

30 Famous French Landmarks

  • Sacré-Cœur, Paris.
  • Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris.
  • Centre Pompidou, Paris.
  • Place de la Concorde, Paris.
  • Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.
  • Arc de Triomphe, Paris.
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris.

What are two famous landmarks in France?

Famous sites and landmarks in France

  • Louvre Museum. Let’s kick off this list of French landmarks with the most visited museum in the world: The Louvre in Paris.
  • Palace of Versailles.
  • Eiffel Tower.
  • Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey.
  • Sainte-Chapelle.
  • Loire Valley Castles.
  • Arc de Triomphe.
  • 8. Provence Lavender Fields.

What is France famous building?

Is the Eiffel Tower the most famous building in France?

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most famous building in France and Paris. The three hundred-metre-high tower was built for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

Is Eiffel Tower a landmark?

Eiffel Tower, French Tour Eiffel, Parisian landmark that is also a technological masterpiece in building-construction history. When the French government was organizing the International Exposition of 1889 to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, a competition was held for designs for a suitable monument.

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