What is unescorted access?

What is unescorted access?

Unescorted access means a patient’s privilege to move about on hospital grounds when unaccompanied by hospital staff.

Can you work at a nuclear power plant with a felony?

What if the offense was five years or more ago? The fact that you have a criminal conviction on your record does not alone prevent you from obtaining access authorization to a nuclear power plant. There are no specific criminal offenses that are disqualifying.

What is NRC security clearance?

Access to classified information requires a personnel security clearance (NRC “Q” or “L”) equal to or higher than the level of information and a need-to-know. NRC contractors who require access to classified information are subject to security terms and conditions as specified in contractual commitments.

What is access authorization?

(b) An “L” access authorization permits an individual access on a need-to-know basis to Confidential Restricted Data and Secret and Confidential National Security Information other than the categories specifically included in paragraph (a) of this section.

How are nuclear power plants protected?

Nuclear Plant Security Measures Security measures include: physical barriers, electronic detection and assessment systems, and illuminated detection zones. electronic surveillance and physical patrols of the plant perimeter and interior structures. bullet-resisting, protected positions throughout the plant.

Why would an interim facility security clearance be granted instead of a final facility security clearance?

Just because an organization is denied an interim facility security clearance does not mean that it will be denied a final clearance. An interim facility security clearance enables the cleared employees of the organization to access national security information classified at the level of the interim clearance.

What is a non possessing facility?

There are two types of FCLs. One is for safeguarding (possessing facility) which means you actually hold classified material at your facility; the other is a no safeguarding (non-possessing) facility which does not hold classified material.