What kind of saddle do you use for a mule?

What kind of saddle do you use for a mule?

A treed saddle built specifically for a mule may have less rock to the tree and may work. A treeless saddle, particularly of a less structured type or a type that will break in and mold to the mule’s back, may also be a good fit.

Do mules need different saddles?

They each have unique backs depending on the breed, the amount of exercise, how much they are fed and whether or not they are easy keepers. For this reason not all mules need the same bars or even the same gullet or barspread. That’s the value of having a custom designed tree for you mule’s saddle.

Where is Boone County Draft horse and mule Sale?

Sedalia, Missouri
Home – Boone County Draft Horse & Mule Sale – Sedalia, Missouri.

What is a draft mule?

A draft mule has the size and power of a draft horse, combined with a donkey’s ability to work in the heat and eat less feed. They are sure-footed and patient like a donkey, yet strong and bold like a horse. Getting the best traits from parents of two different species is called hybrid vigor.

What is the difference in a mule saddle and a horse saddle?

Pivotal in selecting a saddle is the basic concept that the shoulders of a horse are configured like an “A”. They carry their weight high and the withers support the saddle. A mule, on the other hand, has the skeletal structure of a donkey. So his shoulders are configured like a “V”.

Why are mules aggressive?

Though male mules are generally castrated, they, too, exhibit aggressive behaviors that can be injurious to animals other than those of their own age and stature. The mental loss of balance is experienced when the handler is more often aggravated by the animal and rarely praising the animal.

When is the next Boone County draft horse and mule sale?

Join us September 8,9,10,11, 2021 for our next sale! We would like to welcome everyone to the Boone County Draft Horse and Mule Sale which was established in 1987 by George Harris. In May of 2016 Joe Raber and Lonnie Miller purchased the sale from Gary and Jody Moss.

Why choose MMCO mule saddles?

You’re getting your LAST mule saddle. MMCO has designed a way to give everyone what they needed – GREAT FIT for the mules (including the occasional horse or donkey) and COMFORT, SAFETY, and CUSTOM OPTIONS for the people.

What is a Missouri mule?

The worlds legendary Missouri Mules have always had a highly esteemed reputation. That reputation was earned by applying its ability to help man compete and win on the battlefield or the cotton field.

How much does a mule Molly cost?

Price Drop Fromm $3000 Pretty bay mule molly. She is well built and comes from a great quarter horse mare. Mom has been used for rodeos and cattle work… Set if 14 hand mules with 2 full sets of harness. They will work single or double.