What was found with the Antikythera mechanism?

What was found with the Antikythera mechanism?

This wreck of a Roman cargo ship was found at a depth of 45 metres (148 ft) off Point Glyphadia on the Greek island of Antikythera. The team retrieved numerous large artefacts, including bronze and marble statues, pottery, unique glassware, jewellery, coins, and the mechanism.

Has anyone recreated the Antikythera mechanism?

Researchers Re-Create the Antikythera Mechanism, the World’s Oldest Computer. Researchers believe they’ve finally recreated what’s often considered the world’s oldest computer.

Who built the Antikythera mechanism?

7. The inventor of trigonometry may have also created the Antikythera mechanism. Hipparchus is primarily known as an ancient astronomer; he was born in what is now Turkey around 190 BCE and worked and taught primarily on the island of Rhodes. His works survive almost entirely through later Greek and Roman authors.

Why is the Antikythera mechanism unusual?

The Antikythera mechanism was discovered in 1901 in the remains of an ancient shipwreck just off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. The device has only survived because it was at the bottom of the sea and no one was able to retrieve it.

Why is the Antikythera Mechanism so important to us today?

Why is it so important? The Mechanism provides a unique window on history, allowing us to view the collected astronomical knowledge of the Ancient Greeks, and through them the knowledge of the Ancient Babylonians. In many ways the Mechanism provides us with an encyclopedia of the astronomical knowledge of the time.

Is the Antikythera Mechanism geocentric?

But even though at the time, the Greeks were aware of the possibility of a Sun-centric (or heliocentric) view of our solar system through the previous work of Aristarchos of Samos, Edmunds notes that the Antikythera Mechanism was still firmly geocentric in its models.

How old is the oldest computer?

TORONTO — Researchers believe they may have solved the mystery behind a 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator – otherwise described as being the world’s oldest “computer.” The Antikythera mechanism has long been a scientific mystery since it was discovered on an ancient shipwreck in 1901.

Why is the Antikythera mechanism so important to us today?

What is one reason why researchers are wondering whether the Antikythera mechanism has a connection to Archimedes?

Below in this study, the features and constructions of the Antikythera ship will be investigated in detail, and the relation between features of this ship and the Antikythera mechanism also will be established.

What was the significance of the notch and pin on the Antikythera mechanism gears?

Both are connected to the 223-tooth gear, which keeps track of the Moon’s orbit. This meant that the pin and slot mechanism was a differential gearing solution designed to compensate for the irregular, elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

How many gears does the Antikythera Mechanism have?

30 gears
Mechanism of operation In total, 30 gears were found. One gear is probably part of a planetary display, that has been lost.