What was the name of Patrick Henry famous speech?

What was the name of Patrick Henry famous speech?

Give me liberty or give me death

What two speeches is Patrick Henry known for?

Patrick Henry was an attorney, orator and a major figure of the American Revolution who is best known for his words “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Which country has the oldest written constitution still in existence?

The Constitution of San Marino is the world’s oldest active written constitution, having been established in 1600, while the Constitution of the United States is the oldest active codified constitution….Classification.

Type Form Example
Codified In single act (document) Most of the world (first: United States)

What state has the oldest constitution?


Which country has no written constitution?

The UK along with New Zealand and Israel are the only three countries in the world to have an uncodified or ‘unwritten’ constitution.

Which country has a best constitution?

Governor Sri Harichandan said it is befitting to remember the contributions made by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Architect of Indian Constitution and other Founding Fathers, in framing the Indian Constitution and to pay our tributes to them on this occasion, for giving us the best Constitution in the world.

Which country has the toughest constitution in the world?


Who made Constitution of Pakistan?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Why is the Constitution the Supreme Law 9?

Class 9 Question Constitution is considered as Supreme law of the land because any laws made by the state government which is violating any of the rules or provisions of the Constitution will be considered void or it will have no effect. Because it is followed by all indian citizen.

Why is the Constitution the supreme law of any country?

A constitution is the fundamental and supreme law of a country. It is sometimes called the mother of all laws because other laws are born from it and must be consistent with it. A constitution is a framework for governance that defines how the government is formed and run.

Why is the Constitution the mother’s Law?

“The Constitution of India is the mother of all laws in the country. It is the reason laws exist and it guarantees them statutory protection. If they are not in accordance with the principles of the Constitution, they will be invalid,” he said.

Why is constitution called the main law of the country?

The constitution is the written legal document, which has a law of the nation. So, the constitution is the main part of the country. The political parties and government, who govern the nation, determine the constitution of a country. Thus, it is called as “Mirror of the country”.

How was the present constitution define the nation?

The Constitution restructured Nepal into a federal republic. Nepal is defined in article 4 as an “independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive, democratic, socialism-oriented, federal democratic republican state.”

What is meant by constitution for Class 6?

A constitution is set of fundamental principles according to which a country can be governed. The constitution lays down the principles according to which power and authority is to be distributed among different government bodies and organs.

What does a constitution do for a country?

A constitution is the fundamental and basic law, of a country. The constitution determines the fundamental political principles of the government, rules of procedure of that government, rights and obligations of the citizenry and methods to ensure accountability of governmental branches.

What are the three words of self government?

The first three words of the Constitution are “We the People.” The document says that the people of the United States choose to create the government. “We the People” also explains that people elect representatives to make laws. This is a form of self-government. Words in bold are English words you may not know.