Where is the Boston Calling music festival?

Where is the Boston Calling music festival?

Harvard Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Calling Music Festival
Dates May 29–31 May 2021
Location(s) Harvard Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts
Years active 2013–2019, 2021–
Attendance 40,000

Who is performing at Boston calling 2022?

HAIM, Sudan Archives, and Celisse will join Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, and Black Pumas at Boston Calling 2022.

Who is playing Boston calling 2020?

The Boston Calling headliners are the same as those planned for 2020 at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston: Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine. An additional headliner will join a lineup of over 60 performers, which organizers say will be revealed “in the months to come.”

How much is Boston calling?

How Much Are Boston Calling Music Festival Tickets. On the primary market, 3-day General Admission passes are $299.99 + fees, 3-day VIP passes are $799.99 + fees, and 3-day Platinum passes are $1,599.99 + fees.

What company owns Boston Calling?

Crash Line Productions
Crash Line Productions is a Boston-based entertainment production company that owns and produces dozens of events each year. Formed in 2012 by Brian Appel and Mike Snow, Boston Calling Events continues to build its event platform around Boston Calling Music Festival.

When did Boston Calling start?

May 25, 2013
Boston Calling Music Festival/First event date

Who is performing at Boston calling?

Boston Calling Announces Run the Jewels and Black Pumas Will Perform at the 2022 Festival. Boston, MA (July 14, 2021) – Following Boston Calling’s announcement in May of Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine as two of its 2022 headliners, the festival is excited to reveal two more acts on its 2022 lineup.

How much are single day Boston Calling tickets?

Getting To Boston Calling Daily – $16.50 This is one of the major benefits of a music festival in a major city – it’s easy and cheap to get to!

Is VIP worth it for Boston Calling?

If you like the lineup a lot ofr Boston Calling I would say the platinum is worthwhile – there will be plenty of free food, really cheap drinks ($2/3) and finally the elevated views are pretty great. On top of all of this you will have no issue with crowds all weekend.

Is Boston Calling all ages?

The event will provide easy access to all performance areas, incredible concessions, indoor performances and many surprises to be announced. All ages are welcome and children under 10 are free.

Who started Boston Calling?

Ahead of the 10th edition of Boston Calling, we talked to co-founders Mike Snow and Brian Appel about how they founded and launched the first major music festival in the northeast.