Which is better Kiet or Abes?

Which is better Kiet or Abes?

If we look for ratings , then ABES has got better ratings than KIET.. Also , the campus of ABES is so huge and well built as compared to KIET. But if we go for alumni reviews and placement records , then ABES is not offering much good placements as compared to KIET.

Is Abes EC a deemed university?

ABES Engineering College (also known as ABESEC) is a self-financed engineering college, situated in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), NCR, India. The institute is affiliated to Dr….ABES Engineering College.

Motto विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते, “Vigyan yagn tanute” (Sanskrit)
Undergraduates B.Tech.
Postgraduates MBA, M.Tech., MCA

Is Abesec a good college?

The best college under AKTU ! Faculty and placement are superb. Placements: The placement record of ABESEC is a very decent score. Around 88% of the students are placed every year with an average package of 4-5 lacs /annum.

What is full form of Abes?

This page is all about Full Form, Long Form, abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term ABES. ABES Stands For Annotated Bibliography for English Studies.

Which is best Akgec or Abes?

ABES is situated on the national highway. The placements are equally good in both the colleges. AKGEC has the biggest infrastructure among the AKTU colleges and has a lot of greenery. Although, you would score pretty low in your internals as in comparison to other AKTU colleges.

Which is better Ajay Kumar Garg or Abes?

Answer. Hi Naman, Ajay kumar Garg is better in comparison with ABES. Ajay kumar garg is ‘AAA+’ and ABES is ‘AAA’ rated college.

How is ABES placement?

Placement Experience : Around 95%+ students get placed. The highest placement of last year was around 35 lacs from Amazon. Average placement is around 4.5lacs.

Does ABES have uniform?

Yes, there is formal uniform for all the students of ABES college, ghaziabad.

Which is better Akgec or ABES?

Is Abes NAAC accredited?

ABES Engineering College is affiliated to Dr A. P. J. The college is ISO 9001:2015 certified, NAAC Accredited & NBA Accredited branches(CSE, ECE, EN& IT). The college has various centres of excellence for the professional development of students.

Who is the owner of ABES Engineering College?

Mr. Ved Prakash Goel, founder of the institution started this journey in 1999 with a belief to provide the best quality of education to young minds in Technology & Management. The ABESEC family welcomes the students with a promise to deliver the best guidance to shape their career.